WilcoWilco's announcement that they are cancelling their Indiana show date due to the state's new "Religious Freedom Law" shines a spotlight on the ever present dilemna of art vs. politics. It's rare these days to read of an artist or group who is willing to tackle social issues through their art and Wilco is getting a mixed response for their stand. Some fans are virtually applauding the decision and for the band making a difficult choice. Some fans were hoping Wilco would come to Indiana and stand with the people who would vote against this potentially discriminatory law.

Music is a community pleasure - it brings people together and we can sing and dance as one, with joy and a sense of shared experience. Music is also art - and art should push us out of our comfort zone and challenge us to think beyond the surface of the issues of the day. Is Wilco leading a new charge for artists to speak out on issues of social justice? Sometimes we think we could use a little of the 1960's "power to the people"! Leave us a comment below with your view on Wilco's decision.

And with all that religious freedom, let us wish you happy Easter and Hag Sameach/Happy Passover!

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