thumb euforquestraGreeted with a sign saying “free music,” I knew that Euforquestra's show at the Subterranean was going to be full of sweet sounds to which to move my body. Playing off a combination of euphoria and orchestra, Euforquestra fills the room with good vibes. In this state of euphoria, listeners are transported into an island-like setting where they can almost feel the cool breeze on a warm summer day.

Euforquestra bases their sound in soul with just the right amount of funk. The group sprinkles in some reggae to emphasize the island-like environment their music provides. Both sides are peformed well and work together to establish good vibes all around. Euforquestra's easy, breezy music creates a smooth sound that puts the audience into a space of sound that promotes relaxation and dancing.

All group members of Euforquestra work together to put on a fanstastic show filled with harmony. Each musician is given a solo to showcase their talent. This decision shows a team effort towards a common goal, but more importantly it is in these moments that the audience can hear how the musician excels on their chosen instrument.

A horn section provides Euforquestra with an element of funk to their soulful sound. The two saxophones, tenor and baritone, were placed at center stage to draw attention to this unique aspect of the band. Xavier was brought up on stage as a special guest. The presence of another horn, the trombone, had a positive effect because a larger horn section is always a good idea.

Watching Euforquestra play at the Subterranean on a Wednesday night was the perfect way to spend hump day. This show acted as a mid-week pick me up and allowed me to get excited for the rest of the work week. I left the Subterranean with an island state of mind and the hilarious song “Soup” stuck in my head – ready to take on the rest of the week.

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