thumb turbo suitFormerly known as Cosby Sweater, the band has ditched their eccentric sweaters to re-emerge as Turbo Suit – ready for a galactic adventure. Turbo Suit played the perfect dance music for a sunny daytime set. The combination of a drummer, saxophonist, and DJ exploded sound into a funky space voyage.

Turbo Suit provides a fresh approach to a retro vibe. A funky bass serves as the foundation to the saxophone notes that flow like a cool breeze. The cooling effects of their music could be noticed by the crowd dancing among warm rays of sun, and by the end of Turbo Suit's set everyone was moving. Produced vocals set the retro tone while the saxophone gave somewhat of an Eastern feel.

The many sides of Turbo Suit was shown to their audience through constant genre shifts between polka, dance, and funk. Just when you think you have the band figured out, Turbo Suit throws down a hip-hop track. The importance of re-invention can be heard through the varied sounds of the constantly evolving band.

As the set progressed, Turbo Suit brought out the heavy bass that makes the crowd dance low to the ground. Although I would have liked to see it sooner, Turbo Suit incorporated the electronic clarinet, an instrument the band is known for, towards the end of their set. The winding notes of the EWI created danceable beats and even more funk.

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