thumb braids at rivThe three piece experimental pop group, BRAIDS, played a Monday night show at The Riviera Theater. By combining acoustic and electronic sounds with female vocals, BRAIDS creates their unique sound. The sold out show gave BRAIDS the perfect atmosphere to sing your heart out and free yourself from an oppressive work week.

BRAIDS' new album, "Deep in the Iris," derived its inspiration from a series of mountain retreats. The element of nature can be heard through the layers of sound. A large white circle floating above the stage emphasized the space in which BRAIDS' music exists. The culmination of sight and sound made their show feel like the best campfire songs to accompany a mountain escape.

A varied pace in their music transforms the audience into companions on a nature trek. The lyrics give listeners the ability to conquer inhibitions and free their mind from current fears or frustrations. Although the crowd was moving leiusurely by swaying side-to-side, BRAIDS engages their audience by activating the mind. Listeners' consciousness follows the path that BRAIDS leads through considered lyrics and thoughtful melodies.

Even though the destination was unknown, the Monday night crowd willingly became BRAIDS' traveling companions. The unity between performer and audience had the effect of a common experience. All minds were following a common path towards the freedom that can only be incited by nature. The blissful quality of BRAIDS music left the audience smiling with a lighter consciousness – teaching the art of letting go. BRAIDS' show at The Riviera Theater was the best way to be in the proper mindset for the beginning of the week. Fearless Radio cannot wait until BRAIDS comes back to Chicago!

"We experience the love that we think we deserve" -BRAIDS

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