thumb everglow mae"Ten years ago we released 'The Everglow' into the world as both an album and a story about the grand journey that all of us navigate. It told the story of our own journey from a small city on the Virginia coast out into the broader world. From Toledo to Tokyo. More importantly, it has become the soundtrack to many of your stories too. We have been honored to see the way you have woven this music into your own lives. From births to deaths, from first loves to first dances, from baby names to tattoos, you have made this your record."

The 10th Anniversary Tour of MAE's album, "The Everglow," has received massive amounts of support from loyal fans. On June 13th, MAE played a sold out show at The Bottom Lounge. The Chicago crowd played the part of a chorus – fulfilling their duty in creating a Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience. With the audience's hearts overflowing with love for MAE, there was an intimate connection of passion and acceptance. The Bottom Lounge provided the space for MAE to transport the crowd's consciousness to somewhere dreamy.

The Bottom Lounge is the perfect venue for a band such as MAE that awards fans a spacious venue with an intimate feel. The stage looked like the coolest backyard party you have ever been to with strands of hanging lights. MAE's stage setup was well-considered and thoughtful – bringing the glow to "The Everglow" 10th Anniversary Tour.

Fans have so much love for MAE and it's a relationship that is reciprocated. The sold out crowd was all in, singing loudly to heartfelt lyrics and showing their love for MAE with hearty cheers. MAE plays with incredible energy to deliver a continuous power ballad. A lovely singing voice accompanied by powerful music has the effect of interconnectivity.

"You are now ready to experience the everglow. Enjoy your journey."

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