Spring Awakening Music Festivalthumb sa zd has quickly become a staple in Chicago's summer events. Since SAMF is held at the beginning of June, concertgoers can satisfy their desire for outdoor musical bliss early in festie season. Soldier Field provides the perfect venue to hold four stages for thousands of EDM fans. Spring Awakening Music Festival creates an atmosphere to activate all senses and put a permanent smile on your face all weekend.

The main stage had an amazing visual display with towers of lights, shooting streamers, and even bursts of fire. There was an abundance of color-changing triangles at the spacious Equinox stage, and a secret garden of SAMF could be found towards the back. These glowing flowers had a padded base for a group to sit on or take a midday nap. The Phoenix stage functioned as a living room filled with sweet sounds. The Hangar stage followed a specific genre for each day and gave an indoor feel, equipped with visualizers on the ceiling, to the outdoor stage. It is impossible to pick a favorite stage since they were so varied in aesthetics and sound.

Delightful visuals extended beyond the stage production with an enthusiastic crowd. SAMF is the perfect place to spot outrageous outfits and massive amounts of skin. One may be able to spot the occasional booty since lingerie has become standard raver attire. With that said, the festival was overflowing with candy bracelets – the ultimate EDM accessory. Attendees project their musical tastes outward by representing their favorite DJ or phrase. The result of SAMF fashion is a visual display of love.

With hearts in their eyes and music in their soul, attendees of Spring Awakening Music Festival show that they are here for the music. Massive amounts of bass move their bodies to a communal tune. While viewing the crowd as a whole, it appears to be a bouncing sea of people. They are smiling while sunbathing in their musical paradise. At SAMF there is plenty to see while listening to a fantastic sets by talented artists. After a long weekend of dancing all night, concertgoers will have satisfied their thirst for body shaking bass that pleases their hearts and minds.

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