mambyThere are always so many events to attend throughout the summer in Chicago. React Presents introduced Chicago's only lakeside music festival this past weekend – Mamby on the Beach. Mamby takes place at Oakwood Beach, showing love to the often neglected South Loop. It is hard to believe that this was Mamby's inaugural year since the event was well-considered and carefully planned. Attendees were required to find an eco-friendly method of arriving to the festival. Shuttle buses were available near the Cermak el stop and there was a large space dedicated to bike parking outside the venue.


After arriving to the venue, attendees were greeted with numerous art installations. There was beautiful graffiti on the side of the path to entertain you while walking to the stages. Larger than life faces with hanging wind chimes were scattered throughout the venue. The most intriguing structure was a wooden installation that was reminiscent of the London bridge children's game. The overall aesthetics of Mamby encouraged attendees to relax and bring out their inner child. Come explore!

Mamby brought the beach vibe with a laid back atmosphere and plenty of groovy tunes that invited you to dig your toes in the sand. There was an abundance of sunglasses, sandals, and smiles. The great sound system blasted music down the beach while lights danced across the sand. Mamby on the Beach is the perfect place for adults to play. 

For a smaller venue, Mamby did a great job with including three stages. Attendees were commenting on how awesome it was that there wasn't any sound overlap and glad to have a variety of music styles to choose from. The Beach House stage highlighted local Chicago acts to show others how much we love our city. The Tent stage provided a large shaded space with a color-changing ceiling and specialized in house music – authentic Chicago style. The Main stage supplied plenty of space for dancing or sunbathing. There were even beach umbrellas set up towards the back that were large enough for a group. Each night closed out with a fireworks display, visually displaying the crowds' unified energy. After a great weekend, Fearless Radio cannot wait to attend Mamby on the Beach next year.

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