London based singer, musician and illustrator Lilith Ai has released the Riot EP Deluxe on Lo Recording. Fusing Riot Grrrl-style attitude with an alt soul style and moving from sensitive vocals to red-blooded riffs, Lilith gives voice to a new generation of international feminists. In celebration of the record release, Ai has unleashed the colorful, politically charged animated video for EP track “Yeah Yeah”.

Born in North East London, Lilith grew up ‘street wise’. In her early teens with only £70 in her pocket she ran away to America and spent the next few years living on the streets of Queens in New York, which left a powerful influence on her music. “Hang Tough” is a great example of Lilith’s strong but sensitive style, while “Yeah Yeah” takes a step into a more experiential world of pop sound and lyrics.

Among the handful of tracks that garnered international acclaim in 2015, “Riot” is a revolutionary tour de force with a powerful video released to critical acclaim late last year. Lilith Ai combines smooth, passionate neo blues vocals and songwriting with a commanding punk sensibility. The songs range from rhythmic and powerful to warm and melodious and everything in between. Stay tuned for more news on Lilith Ai coming soon!

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