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Los Angeles based pop artist KATJA GLIESON has released her official video for "I Would Kill", which premiered yesterday on Hollywire. Hailing originally from Melbourne, Australia, the songstress is an exciting new voice on the pop music scene. With a passion for music that can be traced back to her earliest years, the rising hit-maker is poised to make a big impact with her soaring vocals and positive message in 2016.

"Why is it the one thing we want more than anything is the one thing that is bad for us? 'I Would Kill' is about trying to muster up the strength to rid yourself of your most toxic vice. But every time you try to pull away, you feel like you're dragged back into the same cycle."

Katja had her first break playing Princess Elsa in YouTuber Whitney Avalon's viral first Princess Rap Battle. She partnered with Doctors Hospital to release "Shooting Star" a song about healthy and empowering relationships, cementing herself as an anti-bullying and healthy living advocate. She has continued her YouTube success with powerful video renditions of Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande and through her newest solo release "Ride the Wave".

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