Fearless Radio StudioWe have been overwhelmed by the desire of our community to bring Fearless Radio back - back with a studio, back with our interviews, and back online. We have missed working with our Fearless crew so it is humbling and uplifting to know that you miss it too. And so we begin again...

After more than a decade of broadcasting from our Chicago studios we learned a few things and we faced some difficult decisions. Family needed us long-term in a different part of the country. We answered that call and it was the best decision we could have made. We packed up the studio and put some of it in storage and we sold some of it to help offset the costs of our travel and living arrangements. Now we need to build the studio again and we can't do it alone, we your help!!!.

Fearless Radio is pleased to relaunch and we will be working to add new web features very soon. We have been scouting locations and believe we have found a new home for Fearless that will be perfect for our needs and the needs of our artists! We are looking at southern Colorado, perfectly situated directly between Chicago and Los Angeles. Seriously, the train schedule tells us it is the exact crossroads.

Temperate climate, low cost living and traveling, plenty of recreational, um, areas, and Fearless Jaco loves it! See the Spanish Peaks, see what happened to the dinosaurs, purify yourself with a hike down to Purgatoire and play a set for Fearless Radio. Those are just a few of the opportunities we see in this part of the country. But we are not abandoning anyone, no! The plan is to keep Fearless Bus, get her in the best possible shape so that we can still come to you.


Choose Any Amount:

While we ask for your support we also want to showcase our new offerings. Look for contests to win prizes such as a band website, free hosting for a year, a broadcast slot for your live performance, a video premiere on our front page, and weekly podcast hosting. There are going to be some sweet deals to be had as well so stay tuned.

We know what we need and we are asking for your help to help us get where we need to go with the brick and mortar studio. Because we still want to see you, we still want to develop new radio talent, and we still want to tell you about the greatest new music you need in your life. So here is a short list of where your donation will help with our reboot:

- Soundboard
- New microphones for our guests
- Desktop computer for audio engineering our shows
- Photography equipment
- "Mothership" desk for our interviews
- Warehouse or Loft home for your recording
- Vehicle upkeep for Fearless Bus so we can travel to you!!!

These are just a few examples. Fearless Jaco would add in "treats" as this is a significant expense. That pug is a treat hound. But you can see that while we've put in a great deal of work to get the site and player up and running, we can't do it alone. We need you, we need our community. We want to do this through our own Fearless Radio website to avoid the pitfalls of crowdsourcing on someone else's website. The Fearless community controls this one, so take control now. Any contribution helps, really, any contribution. If, however, you'd like to step up and knock something off of our list we are wide open to that possibility.

Fearless looks forward to talking with you, sharing your news, hosting you in our new home, and traveling to see you aboard the Fearless Bus! Let's get it started.

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