Lizzy Farrell has a newly released album, All I Said Was Never Heard.  Sheila talks with Lizzy for Fearless Radio!

Lizzy how did you get started in singing/songwriting?

I have been writing songs since I can remember. I’ve always used it as coping mechanism growing up while I was going through difficult times in my life.

What can you tell us about your new EP “All I Said Was Never Heard”?

All the songs on the Ep are from situations I feel most of us go through while growing up and I hope that people are able to relate to the lyrics.

With the new EP being a diary of your life growing up, was it difficult sharing your life and emotions through your music?

Not really, as I said earlier I use it as a coping mechanism, so i'm quite used to writing my feelings down on paper. I would never feel comfortable releasing anything that i'm not emotionally connect with, the only thing I worry about is just hoping people relate.

When the EP comes out January 18th where can fans get their hands on it?

The EP will be available on all major online platforms, Itunes, Spotify Ect, but i’ll be taking some vynals and CD’s on tour.

In January you will be on tour in the UK with Seaway, what are your plans after the tour?

Hopefully, i’ll be playing some festivals in the UK and maybe some tours.

Any chance we will see you on tour in the US in 2018?

Sadly not, but i’d love to come over and tour the US, it’s been a dream of mine from day one.

Where can the Fearless listeners check you out online, and even pre-order the new EP?

You’ll be able to listen and pre-order the EP from my website,

Lizzy Farrall is a solo artist based in Chester, England. She grew up in North Wales with her large family and wasn’t in mainstream education until she attended Coleg Cambria at the age of 16 to study a BETC Music course.

After graduating from College with Distinctions she then went on to sign to “Pure Noise Records”, a US-based record label from California. Lizzy was discovered online covering popular Pop Punk songs by a booking agent who worked closely with the label.

She is now set to release her debut EP "All I Said Was Never Heard" January 5th 2018,and shortly after she will be setting off on her first tour as a signed artist supporting Seaway and Woes.

Lizzy has a wide music taste that reflects in the music she writes,
Her songs are honest and Lizzy has said she uses music like her own personal diary.

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