Buster Shuffle is a SKA, Rock'n'Roll band that formed 10 years ago in London Town. The band typically sings about all sorts of things going on around the UK, but with their new album "I'll Take What I Want", they have decided to take a political turn. The album shares their thoughts and comments on the current political state in the UK. Sheila with Fearless Radio had the chance to speak with piano and vocalist Jet Baker about the band and the new album. Here is what Jet had to say!


Safeguard is a newer Pop Punk band that formed a year ago in York in Northern England. They are gearing up to release their brand new album "I'm a Stranger To Myself" on December 1st. Sheila with Fearless Radio had a chance to speak to the band about the new album, tour dates, and more. Check out what guitarist Martyn Marsh had to say about Safeguard!

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