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Dream Boys write songs for people searching for sincerity and beauty in modern pop rock music. In the vein of bands such as The Go Betweens, Belle and Sebastian, The Church, The Dovers, The Everly Brothers, The Sea Urchins, The Hollies, Felt or The Byrds, Dream Boys emulate the 1960s through an ‘80s filter in a new pair of shoes.

For their latest 7” on White Iris, the men of Dream Boys (Wayne Faler, Wallace Meek, Will Ivy and Mike La Franchi) partnered with producer Lewis Pesacov (Fool’s Gold, Best Coast, FIDLAR) to create dreamy surf rock that dives into your head and keeps your foot tapping long after the songs have ended. A-side “Positive Arguments”, with its grooving guitar lines and harmonies, cheekily references Theodor Adorno (an early 20th century German philosopher and musicologist known for his critical theory on society) - “heavens forgive, I’m Adorno’s puppet” sings Meek. B-side “Postcard” is baroque pop for the modern age that takes you on an undulating fantastical journey.

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