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Jeffrey Innes has just released High Ends’ debut album Super Class physically and digitally via Dine Alone Records. With accolades ranging from Pitchfork to Entertainment Weekly, Innes has taken his psychedelic, synth-soaked jams and electrifying live show to stages across America landing in NYC tonight!

Album single “Intoxicated” is a psych-rock anthem strapped with rhythmic shifts and a catchy melody. Video editor Tyler Witzel put a modernist art spin on the dance-able track when creating the “Intoxicated” video. He explains, “At the time Jeff asked me to do the video, I had been working on a few designs for large outdoor, public sculptures. I thought animation would feel right for the video and aesthetically I wanted it to have a '70s era National Film Board feel. From that came this idea of a drunken visit to an art gallery where everything kind of looks like the inside of a person's body. I didn't want anything overly literal associating to the themes of the song but if you're wondering what all the pink goo is about, it's "Cartoon Moonshine" or Pepto Bismol. Your choice.”

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