Party of One's "Watch While the Heads Roll" Premiere on Tiny Mixtapes

Check it out:


After an eleven year hiatus Eric Fifteen's Party of One is back in action. Here's what Tiny Mixtapes had to say about it:

"Hey, we’re in something that resembles the future where both 13 year old and 24 year old me are stoked about; hoverboards are real and Party of One is back at it. With a new band in tow consisting of Monet Wong (sweet name Monet), Matthew Wayne Kyle and Joe Holland, Party of One is noticeably subdued with Eric Fifteen’s noted dark wordplay calmly telling us to not cry when the cops come. Eric’s nasal voice and forward demeanor have a relaxed Gary Numan vibe and I imagine the rest of the group are two-steppingswaying back and forth in unison and sporting sunglasses."

Party of One - Streetside Surprise
Released on Go Johnny Go! Records on October 15th

1. Desolate Goldmine
2. Flat-Soled Shoes
3. Madame Mao Ying
4. Islamic Jihad
5. Crash! Kerblam! Kaboom!
6. Insults and Letdowns
7. Cyanide Sister
8. Invasive Ecology
9. Watch While the Heads Roll
10. One Way to Fly
11. City In Flames
12. Sergeant Kay
13. Green MoJoe One-Five!



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