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mcMarcus and Matt of MICKEY CUPID 

"Our music is pop - simple and melodic... inviting and sexy," says vocalist Marcus Harmon of electropop duo MICKEY CUPID. For a band whose very name evokes Disney's signature mascot and the Roman deity of desire, Mickey Cupid's new independently-released EP PARADE is playful and fresh while being deeply rhythmic and sultry, showcasing a newfound maturity for a band that is little more than four years old. "This EP feels to us like going back to when we started this band," adds producer Matt Nannetti. "We didn't want to think too much about where to take our music or who we wanted to sound like. We just wanted to make music that felt fresh to us, and that we would be happy to perform on stage."

The first single and video "Oh You" captures that intent perfectly, hitting hard with an Outkast-like crunch and infused with sauntering and immediate pop lusciousness. The video can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/EIRDu3lTldw. "This song was a collaborative effort," explains Marcus, describing mainly the songwriting but also harkening the transcontinental makeup of the band – Marcus in NYC and Matt in Belgium. "We both split the lyric and melody writing. The song is basically about how relationships can be so mysterious, destructive and also very beautiful. Even though you may be sharing so much with each other, you may never really know them."

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Though sonically and physically thousands of miles apart, Mickey Cupid combines the two musical cultures and molds it into a very intriguing and slinky whole. Electronically-leaning with a keen European danciness that weaves in and out of a very accessible metropolitan vibe, PARADE transcends scenes and genres. Each song is a snapshot, both musically and conceptually, as Marcus describes. The feel good, breezy sway of the infectious "Follow Me" carries the rush and excited of "that first moment of being so attracted to someone that you literally want to be around them constantly and do everything that they are doing, putting your complete trust into someone in hopes they won't let you down." The skipping R&B staccato of "Thunder" documents what it's like "being broken down emotionally and romantically. It really is about the frustration in relationships, that lack of understanding." The textural and balladic atmosphere of "Hawk" is "about the struggle to rise above the constant rules and regulations we are all born into. It's about escaping society's restrictive self-made prisons."

Formed in 2010 on a chance encounter while Marcus was traveling through Brussels, a long-distance friendship and songwriting partnership was born that resulted in their self-titled debut EP that yielded such surprisingly catchy, ready-for-prime-time pop of "All of Us" which Idolator described, "Between the shimmering synths and Harmon's soaring vocals, 'All Of Us' makes for quite the uplifting, beat-driven jam." TBC Magazine called their style, "invariably pop centric, mixing club classics and brand spanking new beats to create an overall upbeat and dancey sound."

Recent live performances for CMJ New Music Festival 2014 at NYC's Bar 13, Pyramid Rock Club, and Friends & Lovers have prepared Mickey Cupid for an exciting 2015 with more shows planned. "We will performing a lot coming the new year," Marcus says excitedly. "We have some shows plan together in New York and Europe."

PARADE is available as a FREE download at the band's website: http://www.mickeycupidmusic.com/


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