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Folk Family Revival to release Water Walker on April 7th

Magnolia, TX-based Americana quartet Folk Family Revival is set to release its sophomore album, Water Walker, on April 7, 2015, via Nashville label Rock Ridge Music (with distribution through ADA). Armed with a sound that mixes the rootsy stomp of the Southern states with the trippy swoon of the West Coast, Folk Family Revival make music for rock clubs and rodeos, dive bars and honky-tonks, or campfires and cantinas. A throwback to a time when Southern rock and psychedelic music dominated the airwaves, they may be best described as a psychedelic folk-country rock and roll band.

Starting in February, in support of the new album’s first single, “If It Don’t Kill You,” Folk Family Revival will be conducting a two-and-a-half month radio tour visiting stations across the Southwest. The band will also be touring and playing concert venues extensively in the Southwest this spring to promote the new album. Tour dates will be forthcoming as they are confirmed.

When it came time to record Water Walker, Folk Family Revival decided to team up again with Jeffrey Armstreet, the same producer who helped them kick off their career with 2011’s Unfolding. The pace inside the studio was mostly laid-back. Whenever the guys were in Magnolia, they were usually working with Armstreet, slowly piecing together a collection of poetic songs ranging in topics from politics, faith, power, love, and the modern world. They’d start by tracking the songs live, capturing the groove and spontaneity of their live shows.

Water Walker includes 12 songs that were weaned and whittled on the road, where the band of brothers — featuring Mason, Barrett and Lincoln Lankford, along with family friend Caleb Pace — built up their audience one gig at a time. After releasing Unfolding, the guys hit the Texas circuit hard, opening shows for legends like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Wanda Jackson. At times called a country band, the young group used the label as motivation to push their boundaries and develop a diverse yet distinctive set. Soon their sound was reflective of a variety of genres. Some nights they’d have a blues rock feel and others an Americana or folk vibe. This wide-ranging experimentation and push to progress helped fuel Water Walker.

Says Mason: “We’ve met a lot of people since we released Unfolding, and that’s one of the reasons Water Walker sounds so different. We’re better players, better communicators, better friends. We’ve also learned to relax. When we did Unfolding, our producer and friends used to say we were kids who sounded like old souls. Always wanting to try new things and be willing to change, we started getting in touch with our youthful side. We’re still serious and obviously a little more mature… but there’s a looseness to the new record that wasn't there before.”

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