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In college, my roommates and I stayed up making puppets,” says Chattanooga-based musician, Nick Lutsko about a late-night college activity that most students probably can’t relate to. “Music is my first love, but puppetry is a close second.”

Lutsko’s parents were gracious enough to let their son destroy the family garage while building the set for his “Predator” music video, recently premiered via Yahoo! Music. The song is the first single from Lutsko’s newly-released sophomore album Etc.

The video for the track depicts a sunshine-y children’s show featuring a puppet-band, but the story behind the scenes is something much different. We find out that the puppeteer is a real meanie, but ultimately he gets what’s coming to him at the felt-covered hands of his “friends.”

“There’s lots of creepy guys doing creepy things under the guise of family values out there,” Lutsko says of his inspiration behind the song. “Those are the worst kind of predators in my book.

The “Predator” video was in the already deep in production when Lutsko decided to make spend $20 making an off-the-cuff music video for another Etc. track.

“We bought as many hotdogs as $20 could buy,” he says of the clip for “ALL SHOOK UP” which has Lutsko’s father, girlfriend, and friends off screen throwing hot dogs at him as he attempts to perform the song. The video received a quick 20,000 views after being posted on Reddit on the same weekend that it was completed. “It was a genuinely irritating five minutes,” Lutsko jokes of the shoot.

In these two songs, new fans of Nick Lutsko will hear the sound that curiously, but accurately, designates him as the only musician on Facebook listing his genre as “Folk/Funk/Blues.”

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