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Kevin Devine and Meredith Graves have announced Devinyl Splits No. 2, a 7" split of new, original songs by each of the artists. Pre-orders are available now via Bad Timing Records. This split is the second of a six part split series Kevin Devine is releasing throughout 2015, including splits with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf and Tigers Jaw (coming soon). Song streams from each artist will be released soon! Pre-orders are available HERE.

Devinyl Splits No. 2 features new songs from both Kevin Devine and Meredith Graves. More like a conversation between friends than a collection of songs, Devinyl Splits No. 2 is an incredibly personal release for both artists. Kevin and Meredith each contribute a song that speaks to parts of their past that still haunt them today. The collaborative project takes both artists to a deeply emotional place.

"Took The Ghost To The Movies" is the first song Meredith Graves has released under her own name. The song was recorded with fellow Perfect Pussy member Shaun Sutkus in a Brooklyn bedroom, with vocals recorded in a Melbourne hotel room. Fueled by an anxious pulse and filled with echoing, heart-heavy vocals, "Took The Ghost To The Movies" is a strikingly intimate side to the split 7".

Kevin Devine follows this track with "Gießen," a song written for old friend and Goddamn Band-mate Mike Skinner, who passed away in 2014. A tribute to old friends and old memories, "Gießen," is beautifully heartbreaking and honest. A memorial trust for Mike Skinner's son can be found HERE.

Devinyl Splits No. 2 comes out May 26th, 2015 via Bad Timing Records. Pre-orders are available on vinyl and digitally. Digital advances are available for review upon request. 

Devinyl Splits No. 2 Tracklist:

1. Meredith Graves - Took The Ghost To The Movies
2. Kevin Devine - Gießen

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Kevin Devine is a powerhouse in the contemporary indie rock world. Devine began releasing solo records in 2002, slowly gaining steam through extensive touring and a steady release of increasingly impressive records. In 2009, Devine released Brother's Blood and the I Could Be With Anyone EP through Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. The records quickly sparked across the scene as Devine became a cult favorite in the indie-rock world. His sharp lyrical style combined with 90s inspired bedroom indie rock connected instantly with fans, leading Brother's Blood to become Devine's best selling record to date.

After releasing three consecutive Billboard-200 charting records with 2011's Between The Concrete And The Clouds and the first two Bad Books albums (Devine's band with members of Manchester Orchestra), Devine looked to the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter to fund his next two records Bubblegum and Bulldozer. His fans responded - Devine met his $50,000 target funding within only 8 hours of the 45-day campaign, and ultimately fans pitched in to the tune of $115,000, more than double his initial goal. The funds resulted in the simultaneous October 2013 release of Bulldozer, produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck and Guided By Voices) and laced with folk-rock and pop ballads, and Bubblegum, a proper rock record produced by Jesse Lacey of Brand New, hooky and fast and wrapped in fuzz & feedback. The two records were Devine's highest-charting Billboard releases to date.

In 2014, Bad Timing Records, Devinyl Records and Favorite Gentlemen Recordings began their partnership with the release of a double A-side 7" single, featuring the song "She Can See Me”, which appeared in different versions on both Bulldozer and Bubblegum. The three teamed up in 2015 to re-release Devine's classic record Brother's Blood as a double LP, before announcing a year long split 7" series: Devinyl Splits began releasing every two months throughout the year, starting this past February. The first three partners announced were Matthew Caws (of Nada Surf), Meredith Graves (of Perfect Pussy), and Tigers Jaw. The last three split partners will be announced later this year. The second split with Meredith Graves is available for pre-order now via Bad Timing Records! All year-long subscriptions have sold out. Individual orders for the other splits will become available later in the year.

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