Jet Trashthumb jet trash know what it means to be a quintessential West Coast band. They proudly carry the torch of their predecessors The Sonics and The Ventures, joining the ranks of aforementioned Bay Area contemporaries Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees in cranking out modern indie-rock updates on classic '60s garage-surf. Armed with vintage Fenders and reverb-soaked tube amps, the band's energetic lo-fi anthems have a youthful immediacy, their massive hooks curling like breaking waves. It's a sound that has already won the hearts of Jet Trash's hometown, The Deli SF voting them one of the best up-and-coming bands of 2014 and The Bay Bridged dubbing them "the cream of the crop" of San Francisco locals. Now, with their self-titled debut EP, they're taking the national stage.

The Jet Trash EP is an unabashedly earnest look at the band's home state of California as a blessed Neverland that incubates true freedom and individuality. The record brims with DIY surf culture. It prefers analog in a digital world. It's what the band calls "anti-Bed Bath & Beyond music." Comprised of Paul Kemp (rhythm guitar, vocals), Keith Shughrou (lead guitar, backing vocals) Marshall Fassino (bass, vocals) and Robby Justesen (drums), Jet Trash radiates an atmosphere of unchecked fun and reckless adventure—a rallying cry to participate in the abandon of youth.

The new EP was recorded at legendary Bill Putnam-designed studio Coast Recorders in San Francisco by veteran producer/engineer Andy Freeman (Manchester Orchestra, Eisley, City Tribe, Say Anything's Max Bemis). Freeman added a modern sheen and a conscious accessibility to Jet Trash's punk-rock spirit, balancing out the trademark gritty impetuousness of the band's live performances. The tracks are peppered with unique experiments in gang vocals, wild howling, maxi-pad drum muting and wall-of-sound echoplex guitars. Together, Freeman and the band utilized modern recording techniques with vintage gear, creating the classic yet fresh sound captured on the Jet Trash EP.

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