Left Lane Cruiserthumb dirty spliff blues, a hard-rocking blues band from Indiana, is comprised of Joe Evans on slide guitar and vocals with Pete Dio on the drums and Joe Bent on Bass and Skateboard slide guitar (called the skiddley-bow). "Let your soul drive what you do" is the premise of their music, "give it all you got, and everything is an instrument: trash cans, paint trays, hubcaps, ladders, you name it."

Left Lane Cruiser delivers a pot-fueled adventure on their latest record. Armed with big, buzzing guitars, relentless drums and threats to "smoke napalm with the bamboo skins," it's a fun, wild ride, and according to singer and guitarist Freddie J IV, it was just as pleasant to write.

"The core group of songs on this record were written at soundchecks during a nine-month period of touring the U.S. and Europe," he wrote. "After a long drive, we would get to the club. Burn one down. Fuckin' jam at soundcheck. Then we had a new tune. It went on like that for a while. This album was written entirely under the guidance and influence of marijuana. No dirty spliffs (joints with a mix of tobacco and pot) were used in the making of this record."

Dirty Spliff Blues will be released June 16th, but listeners can preview the album via All Music. Be sure to catch Left Lane Cruiser at a venue near you for some foot-stomping madness. All hail the leaf!

June 13 @ Huntington Street Bar — Syracuse, IN
June 20 @ Booze Day — Bellefontaine, OH
July 1 @ River Concert — Fort Wayne, IN
July 8 @ Shitty Barn — Spring Green, WI
July 10 @ Crunchy Frog — Green Bay, WI
July 11 @ Reggie's — Chicago, IL
July 16 @ Brickhause — Stevens Point, WI
July 17 @ Bayport BBQ — Bayport, MN
July 18 @ RRDB Fest — Minneapolis, MN
July 19 @ Russell's Bar — Annandale, MN
July 20 @ Nakato Bar — North Mankato, MN
July 23 @ The Railyard — Billings, MT
July 25 @ The Filling Station — Bozeman, MT
July 30 @ The Shakedown — Bellingham, WA
July 31 @ NW Deep Blues Fest — Little rock, WA
August 1 @ Blue Moon Tavern — Seattle, WA
(more West Coast dates to be announced soon)

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