thumb jackson mudJosh Caterer is best known as the vocalist/guitarist for Smoking Popes, the incredibly influential pop-punk quartet from Chicago who are entering their 25th year of service next year. But Caterer has more to him than just punk rock, as he has showcased over the years in a variety of solo recordings as well as his other band Duvall. Now, Caterer has embraced the blues roots of his hometown with his new group, Jackson Mud. The quartet play classic-styled Chicago blues, with Caterer's always-soulful vocals and incredible guitar solos front and center on their debut EP, Down Time Blues, but today we're premiering the EP's final track, the stripped-down "I Just Don't Care No More."

Caterer elaborates, "I wrote this song on the acoustic guitar, and we tried putting together a full band arrangement, with a big solo and everything, but the more we played it, the more it seemed like the instruments were getting in the way. There was something about the emotional atmosphere of the song that seemed to work better with just one voice and one guitar. So we stripped it back down to the bare bones, just the way it was written."

The stripped-down sound of "I Just Don't Care No More" transports the listener into an intimate space. We all know how difficult a breakup can be and Jackson Mud shares a personal view on a common experience. Thanks for letting us know we are not alone. So share the love by grabbing a copy of Down Time Blues and attending the EP release party Saturday, July 11th at BrauerHouse in Lombard, IL with special guests the Aaron Williams Band.

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