It's not every band that has the ability to set up a few microphones in the living room, hit record, and finish up a half day later with a new record. Hero Jr.'s fourth studio recording Mixed Race Indiana Marriage is the result.

Indianapolis, IN four-piece rock band Hero Jr. picked up where they left off with their previous recording Tower 18 but the new MRIM tracks are closer to the band's infectious live performances. Rehearsed and road tested over the a few months MRIM documents a classic rock band that is very comfortable doing their thing. Hero Jr. has spent the last three years touring the country with 150-200 shows a year at clubs and festivals including support for Tom Petty, Offspring, Saliva and upcoming shows with Tantric and Alice Cooper… Hero Jr. is in their element on stage where no two adventures are the same. The legendary audio company Klipsch has embraced the Hero Jr. vibe by including them as one of a few artists to be included in their Emerging Artists program for 2015.

MRIM's five tracks were written in five days and recorded in one in the Indianapolis living room Hero Jr. calls "home". Early favorites, Anger Room was inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s last interview and Graveyard Of Mirrors was conceived in a snowbound adventure in Chicago. “We all travel in close quarters and we all live a stones throw from each other so we are always together and a lot of our experiences find their way into our tunes.” There’s also a lot of laughing and banter on tour which makes its way into the tunes as well. The MRIM title came from some hilarious people watching episodes at the local gas station where Hero Jr. fills up each time they leave Indy on tour. "That place is the melting pot of everything and it's right in our back yard."

A good chunk of Hero Jr.’s hours in the tour van are spent listening to comedy and podcasts. Bill Burr, Marc Maron, Louis CK, Jim Florentine, George Carlin and Comedy Central are a few favorites. The band members are fascinated and inspired by the similarities between comedy and rock music. The comics’ stories of hardcore rejection, growing ‘thick skin’, and sticking to and fighting for their beliefs while moving up the food chain resonate deeply within the band.

Hero Jr. continues to combine the tradition of Midwestern hard hitting rock music with a twist of 70s British, and have been described as comfortably familiar yet completely unique. Hero Jr. is in it for the long haul.


Evan and Matthew are Michigan brothers.  They played in bands.  Evan moved to Bloomington, IN.   Matthew went to college. Los Angeles Ken flew to Bloomington after moving to Europe and met Evan. They wrote and recorded a quick EP (in a day quick) and Ken flew back over the pond and didn't return for 9 years.   New York Dave and Evan met in Indianapolis, IN. at an open mic night.  Hero Jr. seed is planted and sprouts when Matthew moves to Indy with a college degree from MSU.  Rehearsals. Tours.  Records...  One of them, Backup Plan, was written and recorded with Ken via SKYPE from London.   After ceaseless arm twistings Ken comes to Indy for a hug, a jam and a CD release party.  He never left.

One of the many reasons we love this band - check out our Hero Jr. PODCAST interview from May, 2014 when the band stopped in to talk with Kris!

Mixed Race Indiana Marriage Release Information

1. Anger Room
2. Graveyard Of Mirrors
3. Stepping Stone
4. The Ghost In Me
5. Nice To Meet You

iTunes: 11/11/14

4s A Crowd (4AC-005)

Hero Jr.
Dave DuBrava - Bass
Evan Haughey - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Matthew Haughey - Drums
Ken Rose - Guitar

Recording Information
Songs ©2014 Haughey/Rose
Recorded at 4s A Crowd Studio, Indianapolis, IN.
Produced and recorded by Ken Rose
Mastered by Ed Woods Mastering, UK

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