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Psuede Police, an indie-alternative Phoenix based group made their musical debut today with the release of their first single "Lover Coma". The song, available on iTunes and streaming over on their SoundCloud page, is the first taste of the band's upcoming EP. Dance To Kill EP - slated for an August 7th release. The project emerges as the latest addition to the 8123 Family.

Drawing inspiration from artists along the lines of David Bowie, LCD Soundsystem, and INXS to name a few, Psuede Police have combined band member's unique musical backgrounds to craft their own signature sound, as heard on the new single. The group's mature sound garners comparisons to the likes of MGMT or even The Naked and Famous. Fans of bands like Empire of the Sun and Animal Collective are sure to sonically enjoy Psuede Police's upcoming release.

 Fans can pre-order the new EP as of July 24th, which will also mark the launch of Psuede Police's first ever music video. In the meantime, fans are encouraged to follow the band on social media as they release additional details on the project.


1. Body Temple

2. Dance To Kill

3. Lover Coma

4. Growing Old

5. Stand Down

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