thumb brother degeBest known from the track featured in a Quentin Tarantino film, Brother Dege shows that "psyouthern life" still has relevance in a modern world. Brother Dege's new album, titled Scorched Earth Policy, features the lovely sounds that only a slide guitar can produce. On his third album, Brother Dege morphs his signature Delta, sonic-slide sound into the psyouthern, psych swamposphere. He combines a brilliant melody with gritty vocals that scream Brother Dege is the Deep South's forgotten son.

Following his two previous acclaimed solo efforts (2009's Folk Songs Of The American Longhair & 2013's How To Kill A Horse) Brother Dege released a unique 19-track digital-only "summer mixtape" last year entitled Scorched Earth Policy, featuring a mix of newly recorded studio songs, demos, covers and field recordings. Now Dege has updated it into a more cohesive studio album, Scorched Earth Policy: Deluxe paring down some of the rougher demos and field recordings and has added four new studio tracks to it. This is the first time any of these 12 songs will be available on CD. Joined by his touring band, The Brethren, Brother Dege & Co. push these 12 tracks into rural cinematic realms, adding their post-millennial update to the southern rock & roll lexicon.

Brother Dege's Scorched Earth Policy: Deluxe Edition is out now on CD and digital formats. In addition, Magic Bullet Records just reissued Brother Dege's two critically acclaimed first studio albums, Folk Songs Of The American Longhair & How To Kill A Horse, on July 10th on vinyl for the first time. Director Tarantino had this to say about the former album, "Frankly, every track on the Brother Dege CD could have been in the movie [Django Unchained]. It works and has a badass score sound to it. Almost every song could be a theme song. It's like a greatest hits album."

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