thumb nodeAll change is growth. And Northlane's monumental new album Node stands proudly as proof, because frontman Marcus Bridge, guitarists Jonathon Deiley and Josh Smith, bassist Alex Milovic and drummer Nic Pettersen have made the album Northlane always had in them, the songs they always strove for.

Node takes its cues as much from the band's collective worldview as it does myriad artists from multiple generations. Rather than the existential examinations of their previous albums, Discoveries and Singularity, the new album takes a much more direct approach. It's an album fuelled by passion and anger – passion for the world and all its wonders, and anger at what's being done to it. Everything from the title and the lyrics to the way the band came together to produce their best record yet stands as a hymn to the simple power of human connection.

"I wrote the lyrics on this record to be as relatable as I could while still retaining the core emotion of love, which, like everything on this planet, Northlane was spawned from," explains Smith. "We are always progressing and growing as people – the music reflects that and so do the lyrics. Discoveries was about seeing your world and who you are with open eyes; Singularity was about realising your potential. And Node is about being the change you want to see in the world and acting on that potential. There's many things on this Earth that I don't agree with, that sadden me, that I feel powerless to change. But a spark can start a fire. The power for change rests upon the shoulders of the individual."

And the final result is an album that says loudly that there is always more to be done, but if we reach out we can achieve the impossible. And if we can make a change, everything beautiful will grow.

Be sure to check out Northlane at The Double Door on August 13th! Click here to purchase tickets.

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