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Tree Machines relocates from Lawrence, Kansas to Los Angeles. The critically praised duo's latest streaming via Performer now as work begins on their debut album in the band's vastly new environment.

"This is an exciting time for us as people and as artists," explains Douglas Wooldridge of Tree Machines referring to the formerly Lawrence, Kansas-based duo's decision to relocate to Los Angeles this summer. "This city is vastly different from the one where we grew up, but here we are staring blankly into the sun, trying to get our feet under us."

Following up Wooldridge and bandmate Patrick Aubry's critically praised debut EP as Tree Machines in early 2015, the duo will now release three new stand-alone singles as they continue to prep a full-length. The first of these singles, released August 7th, is "Summer Night," a more pop take on the Tree Machines sound than previously heard.

"'Summer Night' is one of our most playful songs to date by far," says Wooldridge. "It's full of quirky guitar lines and stoned observations of late night wonderings in bar districts, following two hand-clasped lovers striving to keep one step ahead of this world."

Aubry continues the thought, explaining that "Summer Night" is the first Tree Machines track that he's ever recorded on guitar, since Wooldridge and Aubry's previous incarnation as a trio left Aubry relegated to bass.

"I've written plenty of songs on guitar, but as no one else was willing to shoulder the bass for the songs, I had to pass the riffs on to the others," he explains. "I suppose with the changing of the guard, it's only natural that I'd start expressing myself."

In addition to "Summer Night," look out for the new Tree Machines singles "To Be Alive" on August 28th and "At Arms Length" on September 18th. Then it's on to the first Tree Machines album.

"The immediate plan for the future is to partner up with our producer Mikel Giffin, who has now become a true member of Tree Machines and get started on an album," says Wooldridge. "An album that amasses to the enormity of our move to the coast."

"It feels like we're just getting warmed up," says Aubry of the band's future. "It feels like we've got so much more to write."

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