thumb 2015North Coast Music Festival provides Chicagoans with the perfect way to end the summer festival season. Held over Labor Day weekend, NCMF brings various acts to Union Park for a diverse group of music genres to entertain Coasties throughout the weekend. Although there are many DJ acts at NCMF, Fearless Radio has comprised a list of our top five bands to check out at North Coast for a spectacular weekend.

1. Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic has solidified their position in the music scene by jammin' out for 30 years. Coasties can enjoy Widespread Panic in all their glory with a 2.5 hour set on Friday! The six-piece band sets the stage for the audience's musical adventure. Taking their minds through the clouds into a sensory experience of sight and sound.

2. Chromeo

Fearless Radio always loves the bands that can bring the funk. Chromeo provides catchy lyrics to highly danceable beats. A romantic electro funk atmosphere brings out beautiful smiles and an intoxicating sense of bliss. The number one tip that Dave 1 and P-Thugg have is this: "Know thyself, know thy vibe, and stay thy course." So be sure to check out their set on Saturday for smiles that abound.

3. The Disco Biscuits

With a large enough fan base to create their own 3 day festival, The Disco Biscuits will be a special treat for Coasties on Sunday. With over a dozen albums and experience bringing "Fresh Biscuits to your door since 1995", the Philadelphia-based electronica-jam fusion experts will have plenty of material to ensure a solid ending to a great weekend at NCMF.

4. Turbo Suit feat. Joel Cummins of Umphrey's McGee

Turbo Suit has a unique sound of "sensual sax melodies and ultra-accessible beats." The band invites all to shake their bootys and groove to a funky and sexy sax. An electronic wind instrument allows Turbo Suit to grab your ear and make you lean in closer. The addition of Joel makes Turbo Suit's set on Saturday even more special. Fearless Radio is definitely going to be there!

5. Joe Russo's Almost Dead

This Grateful Dead cover band does a great job playing the classic songs that Deadheads love. Formed by Futhur's drummer, Joe Russo, the band has performed over a dozen shows this year with no signs of slowing down. Hopefully Joe Russo's Almost Dead will be able to roll away the dew with their set on Friday and ensure a rain-free weekend at NCMF.

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