Boston’s Aneurysm are sharing the premiere of "Veronica," the title track from their upcoming EP of the same name. SPIN premiered the noise punk onslaught today, with a ringing endorsement, "sickly feedback and squelched vocals, this new cut does a solid approximation of the Jesus Lizard’s seediness, but with a muscular locomotion that’d make the current Toronto scuzz-punks in Metz proud." The Veronica 7" single is due out October 23rd via the band's new label home, Tor Johnson Records.

“Veronica” finds Aneurysm (feat. members of defunct hardcore band The_Network) at their filthiest, trading in the grunge sound of their debut for something more menacing and depraved. The band blend post-hardcore, punk, and noise rock together for an aggressive assault complemented by a catchy hook and a crushing rhythmic intensity. Since the release of Stop This Ride, the band’s debut EP just this past August, the band have been buzzing in the punk/noise and post-hardcore circles throughout the summer thanks to features with Noisey and Brooklyn Vegan as well as opening slots for Algiers and Dark Blue. Luckily for us, Aneurysm aren’t showing any signs of slowing down and they’re only getting better. A lot better… and fast.

Discussing the single, SPIN affirmed, "What separates them from their heavy forebears and cleaned-up contemporaries is the delicate balance they strike between melody and chaos, a striking combo that’ll stop you in your tracks as effectively as a heart attack."

Upcoming Shows:

10/10 - Manchester, NH @ The Modern Gypsy w/ Guilt, Big Kill, & Harris Hawk
10/11 - Burlington, VT @ 242 Main w/ Acid Roach & more
10/29 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's w/ Grizzlor & more
11/14 - Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East w/ The Saddest Landscape & Vattnet Viskar
11/21 - Nashua, NH @ 5 Dragons Lounge w/ Frostheave, Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, & The Raunchy Randos

Boston’s Aneurysm was born in the thick of cross-country moves, carpal tunnel surgery, and an opiate-fueled convalescence during the ominous autumn before Hurricane Nemo pummeled the eastern seaboard into a frenzied state of arctic submission. Such harbingers of doom are hardly the omens one generally seeks when charting an auspicious path - but Aneurysm thrives on chaos, so it proved the perfect storm. In late Spring of 2014, while the long-awaited glacial retreat exposed mountains of orphaned bikes, thawing turds, and steaming garbage across the city, Mark (drums) and Dan (guitar) resurfaced from their rank subterranean Brighton hovel with the “ANEURYSM - DemO” tape, a debut that swiftly garnered a positive reviews.

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