Any terrorist attack is a vile representation of so called beliefs. But to target kids at a concert out to enjoy themselves, share memories, and celebrate life is an attack at the core of what it means to be human. Borders and political points and the God you believe in aren't the problem with these people. Hate is what is wrong.

There will be a pull in the coming hours, days, and weeks to blame and argue to join in with the so called experts in what is wrong there and here. I urge all our friends and detractors alike not to fall prey to these shallow awful people.

Remember music is a celebration of life, good and bad. Remember music is one of the common bonds that brings us together. Remember that there are people who want to destroy such things and hate is their true weapon of choice. God Bless all the victims in Paris and those who grieve for their loss.

-Patrick Oliver Executive Producer Fearless Radio

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