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Megan Hamilton is blasting out of the great frozen north with the funkiest sound this side of the equator. For the past few years, the rumblings of a four-headed funk monster have been reaching us all the way out on the edges of the country, and the movement's time is nearing blast-off.

Out Tuesday, February 7th Photosynthetic features 10 original tracks written and performed by Megan Hamilton and her band, The Bermudas.

Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas have been making waves in the burgeoning Minnesota bass scene with a stunningly original stew of killer beats and live instrumentation. Part funk band, part cybernetic drum machine, the sound of Hamilton and her posse is best served up hot and fresh on stage. However, the time has come for the band to press a lasting product into being, and the debut album is coming next month. - THE UNTZ


Megan shares, “I moved into a new studio at the end of last summer and the previous tenants had been growing vines on the ceiling for years,” Hamilton mentions. “The room is mostly windows and the sunlight just pours in all day. I really feel it's the reason for the chillness of this new project, hopefully people can feel the organic vibes of the room when they listen to it.”

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