Memphis, TN's Pillow Talk are premiering a new song titled "Little Worries" on their Bandcamp. The track is available for "pay what you want" with all proceeds to be donated to Trans Lifeline (https://www.translifeline.org) through March 7th.

The band's upcoming LP "This Is All Pretend" was produced by Matt Talbot of Hum, and will be released on March 10 via Animal Style Records.

Pre-order "This Is All Pretend" on vinyl here.

Pillow Talk has also announced new tour dates with Superbody.

See note from the band below.



Today we’re sharing “Little Worries,” the third single from our forthcoming album This Is All Pretend. This song particularly means a lot to me — writing it helped me through a tough time. It’s a song about misplaced guilt and the voices in your head that continually speak falsehoods about your worth. It’s also a song about stepping into your truth despite that mental and emotional isolation and becoming who you’re meant to be.

In response to the Trump Administration’s recent and disastrous decision to rescind protections for transgender students that allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity, we’re partnering with Trans Lifeline and Punk Talks to support the Transgender community across the country.

Both organizations are tremendously important: Trans Lifeline works to end transgender suicide and improve overall mental health of transgender people through education, advocacy, and service. Punk Talks provides mental health assistance to musicians and industry professionals at no cost.

From now until March 7th, “Little Worries” will be available via Bandcamp for pay what you want. 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Trans Lifeline.

If we aren’t doing our most to lift those up who are oppressed, we aren’t doing enough. This is a small way for us to do our part, and an opportunity for us to walk in that belief.

Best & Love.

Josh, Kevin, Calvin, Sam, and Bailey


Tour Dates
March 18 - Nashville, TN at Cafe Coco
March 19 - Chattanooga, TN at JJ's Bohemia
March 30 - Oxford, MS at Proud Larry's
March 31 - Memphis, TN at Hi-Tone
April 14 - Akron, OH at It's A Kling Thing
April 15 - Philadelphia, PA at Creep Records
April 16 - Boston, MA at Middle East
April 17 - Brooklyn, NY at Shea Stadium
April 18 - Toronto, ON at The Baby G
April 19 - Middletown, CT at Art House
April 20 - Richmond, VA at Carpet Palace
April 21 - Chattanooga, TN at JJ's Bohemia

About Pillow Talk:

Fans often take offense when their favorite artists evolve and too often fail to see the truth behind the evolution. Take Memphis, TN’s Pillow Talk, whose first full-length slips further into the dreamier, blearier sound they established on 2015’s What We Should Have Said and adds to it more synthetic soundscapes. Produced and engineered by Matt Talbott of Hum fame, This Is All Pretend feels like a band who has reconstructed itself, having found something and lost nothing. Thematically, these songs are about letting go to once was and determining how to continue. Singer Joshua Cannon’s lyrics came in fragments over a two-year period that saw his grandmother’s declining health take a toll on his family. Magnified by private battles of self-abuse and a dissociation from everything and everyone around him, his relationships eroded as he looked for a path back to the innocence of childhood. The idea of letting go influenced the band’s musical evolution as well, and is evident on songs like “Sorry In My Mind,” where auto-tuned vocals adorn each verse, slithering alongside the synth lead that seems the weave through the song’s strutting beat. The auto-tune is clearly for effect (Cannon’s soulful alto needs no correcting) and reappears throughout the record, though somehow add more soul to the record. So much of This Is All Pretend feels like a natural progression for Pillow Talk—in fact, the dizzy throb on “Between the Frames” and opener “Monogamy” feel like they could have appeared on What We Should Have Said or even 2014’s Recreational Feelings. Still, it’s clear the band has shed its skin and embraced an evolution that has helped them express their truth—which won’t take long for fans to see, no matter how offended they seem.

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