SemiPreciousWeaponsAfter a long four year wait for new music, I knew that I had to go to Semi Precious Weapon's Chicago show and could not wait until the next time they were in town. Plus they were playing with one of my favorite Chicago indie bands, Minor Characters! The lineup had my name written all over it. From the local openers Minor Characters to the glamarous band Semi Precious Weapons and even Austrialia's very own Birds of Tokyo, it was a fantastic varied night of music. Make sure to keep reading for my thoughts on the show!

First on the lineup were Fearless friends Minor Characters. Minor Characters is an amazing indie act from Chicago whose music is beautifully crafted with a hint of pop and fluidity. Their music is also honest and approachable. Lead singer Andrew Pelletier’s voice is the perfect balance to the grounding guitar riffs and upbeat drums. In addition to a fantastic set, they brought along an incredible and supportive local crowd with them to the show! They are one of my favorite local bands and never disappoint.

Next up on the line was New York band Semi Precious Weapons. I am not even sure where I should begin. Their music is addictive and their set was one of the most energetic sets I have EVER seen. I was completely blown away. From the break dancing from bassist Cole Whittle to a full split from the lead singer Justin Tranter, it was a performance. And despite the showmanship, the band was also able to show off their talent. Tranter’s voice is so powerful and able to add depth to music that at a first listen might be lacking. And how could I forget guitarist Stevy Pyne’s mind-blowing solos. Most importantly, they were engaged and interacted with the audience. You could see and feel their passion for music.

Semi Precious Weapons' music is the perfect balance of ‘70s glitter rock and ‘80s dance, but with a touch of flamboyant punk. Their songs are the new soundtrack to my life. Go and grab their new album Aviation High out NOW! IT IS ABSOUTELY INCREDIBLE.

And lastly, Australian alternative rock band Birds of Tokyo. Birds of Tokyo has an interesting style that is very similar to U2, but not as explosive nor has as much momentum. Birds of Tokyo sounded great, their music was intriguing, and they were clearly the fan favorite of the evening, but Semi Precious Weapons stole to show for me.

I am not sure how much more I can say about Semi Precious Weapons' set. I am honestly at a loss for words. If they are playing your town, go out with a bunch of your friends, leave all your worries at the door and the band will take care of the rest!



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