KatieHerzig WalkThroughWallsSince her humble folk start to the intricate singer-songwriter she is to date, Katie Herzig is one of my favorite artists and to finally have the chance of seeing her at one of my favorite venues was incredible. Her latest album, Walk Through Walls, is yet another step forward creatively, but also heartfelt and personal like the rest. Her live show was everything one could ask for and more.

First up on the line up was Elizabeth and the Catapult. Based in Brooklyn, Elizabeth Ziman caught the audience off guard with her impressive piano-playing and classy take on pop music. She was also extremely personable and had a lively stage presence. Her voice at times was a beautiful soulful cross between Sara Bareilles and Fiona Apple, but with Alanis Morissette's angst and Regina Spektor's playfulness. The highlight of her set was the cover of Greg Laswell's "Embrace Me" on the accordian. It was intimate, honest and pure. She has a beautiful voice that needs to be heard by everyone.

The talent did not stop there, next up on the lineup was the beloved Katie Herzig! Herzig's performance was flawless. She played mostly her acoustic guitar, but every now and then would jump over to her keyboards or ukulele to change things up. Herzig played a hearty mix of both old and new songs in addition to gladly taking a total of six requests from the audience throughout the evening. Herzig also had the audience practically begging her to play "Holograms" and through reluctant at first, eventually gave in.

Her band's ability to accommadate the audience's requests on the spot was mind-blowing. With Clair Indie on the cello, Cason Cooley going back and forth on the bass and synth,Will Sayles on the drums and Jordan Hamlin playing everything human possible, it was wonderful to see such talented musicians playing together. The chemistry between the group was also magical. Between the smiles and eye contact, it was impossible not to notice how in sync they were and how much they enjoyed playing with one another. 

Herzig may have mastered the art of intricately layering techno-pop, but do not let that trick you. Herzig can still belt a mean acoustic that will make your soul weep. 

If you have not heard of either Katie Herzig or Elizabeth and the Catapult, please check them out. They music has depth, is clever and will expand your perception of music. Personal, full of life and bold; these two women are absolutely killing it. What started as a humble Friday night concert, turned into a memorable night full of innovative musicians who are passionate and truly respect the music they make.

Oh and don't forget to keep reading for my pictures from the show!





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