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During this holiday season, Damien Escobar added multiple dimensions to his violin virtuoso performance when he and 16 year-old Kennedy Hubbard hit the stage at the 2nd Annual Sparkle And Shine Fundraiser. It was there that the dynamic duo played a moving rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors,” bringing the crowd to their feet and erupting in applause. Check out the video of their performance here on People.com! “I was so moved by Kennedy’s courage and identified with her feelings of being different. I wanted to perform with her on this special night to show my support for Kennedy’s Cause and make her feel like the beautiful princess she is,” said Escobar.

As an African American male growing up in the inner city, a young Damien used his hard earned tips from playing his violin throughout NYC subways to help supplement the income of his single mother. At the tender age of 9, Damien was accepted into the famed Juilliard School of Music. Years of hard work and dedication would lead to a Third Place finish on America’s Got Talent, 2 EMMY Awards, a platinum selling record, a world tour, and sadly, a downward spiral that drove Escobar so low he never thought he would pick up the violin again. But the music haunted his soul, and Damien knew playing and performing was his destiny.

Since embarking on his renewed musical journey, Escobar has made it his mission to bring new music, performances, smiles and opportunities to children around the world. This has been an amazing year for Escobar and his philanthropic work, culminating with this incredible event raising money for Kennedy’s Cause. He plans to continue the mantra in 2014, with the very exciting January release of his first children’s book, “The Sound Of Strings.”

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