Mindcage OurOwnDevicesClassic progressive metal fusion band MINDCAGE will re-release their critically acclaimed debut, a Dystopian-themed concept album entitled Our Own Devices, as a Michael Wagener-mixed special edition this summer. MINDCAGE is recognized for building upon the styles of bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Rush, but reinventing them with Steampunk flair and layered and engaging storyline.

Today, the band reveals the renewed track listing for Our Own Devices:
Cadence March
For All Mankind (The Dark Design)
Our Own Devices
The Human Race
At Full Steam
The One Constant
Arabella’s Arc
The Serenity Sequence (Renaissance Pt. I)
The Grand Restoration (Renaissance Pt. II)
The Navigator's Hymn
The Coming Storm

MINDCAGE utilizes grand storytelling to add dynamic to the music. Our Own Devices is inspired by the fiction of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and takes musical creativity and imagination to another level, introducing the world to the character of Arabella Vash, a young woman who uses the power of her dreams to transform the dystopian world she inhabits.

The new songs on the special edition of Our Own Devices further the story. “These new songs pick up the story perfectly, in the splendid moment where Arabella's mission is carried out,” states MINDCAGE founder and guitarist Dietrick Hardwick. “An eon of oppression ends as the dystopian walls give way to newfound freedom for its citizens. They walk in the natural light and breathe the open air for the very first time.”

Hardwick adds, “But, after revelling in this timeless moment of victory, The One Constant soon realize that though the battle has been won, the real war has not yet begun. They know what lies ahead is the greatest test of strength and faith humanity shall ever know. Together, they must prepare to face the inevitable. An epic-scale cataclysm... the coming storm.”

As mentioned above, triple-platinum and legendary producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Accept, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Helloween) will take the helm on the special edition of Our Own Devices. Wagener is set to begin producing, recording and mixing in new songs in his WireWorld Studio just outside of Nashville beginning next week. The original version of Our Own Devices was self-produced by the band and engineered by Wagener.

The special edition of Our Own Devices will include exclusive, never-before-released live footage from the band’s headlining performance at this year’s Florida-based Comic Con event, Pensacon. Our Own Devices also includes the band’s new single ‘The One Constant’, which can be streamed via lyric video now via Bravewords. The track is available via iTunes now.

Forged in 1996, Florida-natives MINDCAGE began as the brainchild of founder and lead guitarist Dietrick Hardwick. MINDCAGE’s core sound revolves around Hardwick’s guitar style which draws influences from icons of 80′s metal like Michael Schenker (Scorpions, UFO), Uli Roth (Scorpions, Electric Sun) and Wolf Hoffmann (Accept). Hardwick has reunited with founding members Brian Howell (bass) and Craig Nudo (drums) whose roots lie in love for prog giants like Yes, Rush, and Iron Maiden. Stir in newcomer Jeff Hignite’s powerful vocals and MINDCAGE is a musical brew unlike any you’ve ever encountered.

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Jeff Hignite – Vocals
Dietrick Hardwick – Guitars
Brian Howell – Bass
Craig Nudo – Drums

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