OY NoProblemSaloon"I would like to invite you to the No Problem Saloon
It is just a place full of no problems
Put on your dancing shoes in the No Problem Saloon"

Such is the enigmatic message that ushers us into the kaleidoscopic new album by incomparable Berlin-based band OY.

The combined efforts of Swiss-Ghanian vocalist Joy Frempong and drummer/producer Lleluja-Ha, OY’s music colorfully weaves together electronica and whirling drums with captivating storytelling. Laced with distinctly African musical elements, No Problem Saloon is driven by Joy’s soulful, melodic and arrestingly versatile voice.

Joy gathered influences for this unique album during a series of trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Africa. She met scores of people, listened to proverbs, heard stories, and collected bits of field recordings. Once she returned to the Berlin studio, all of this was used as organic building blocks: the slam of a taxi door became a drum, an antiquated washing machine was bass, conversation and street noises started drifting in and out of songs and the lyrics were developed from the stories and popular wisdom culled from various encounters.

This quasi-alchemical process worked wonders, and resulted in a mesmerizing and thoroughly engaging album that OY have managed to masterfully transpose to the stage. Having now joined forces with Crammed Discs, OY will be releasing No Problem Saloon on June 24th.


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