TheMaine ForeverHalloween DeluxeArizona’s The Maine celebrate the re-release of their fourth full length studio album Forever Halloween - this time in deluxe edition. The new album features five brand new tracks, originating from a variety of backgrounds including unreleased B-Sides from the original recording process of the record. Perhaps the most anticipated by fans, is the final track on the album “Ice Cave” - a song the band wrote while touring awhile back. Though they’ve performed the song live in the past, this is the first time they’ve recorded and released a studio rendition of it. “We thought it would be neat to solidify the song in the studio and capture what it has evolved into,” the band’s frontman John O’Callaghan states. “The reaction the track received on the road definitely influenced our decision to record it and can only hope that people dig the studio version!”

Another of the new tracks, titled “Ugly On The Inside”, the band made available for fans to stream via their SoundCloud page which received over 65,000 plays in the less than a month that it was up. The single also appeared on the Vans Warped Tour 2014 official compilation which released in stores last week across the US.

Currently, The Maine is less than a week into the Vans Warped Tour where they will spend the rest of the summer on the Warheads Stage daily with a set inclusive of some of the new tracks. Physical copies of Forever Halloween Deluxe Edition are available exclusively at the Vans Warped Tour for $5 all summer long.

Fans can now purchase the deluxe edition on iTunes

1. Take What You Can Carry
2. Love & Drugs
3. Run
4. White Walls
5. Happy
6. Birthday In Los Angeles
7. Blood Red
8. F**ked Up Kids
9. Kennedy Curse
10. Sad Songs
11. These Four Words
12. Forever Halloween
12. So Criminal
13. Vanilla
14. Ugly On The Inside
15. Bliss
16. Ice Cave

About The Maine:

The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona formed in January of 2007. Their first full-length Can’t Stop Won’t Stop was released on July 8th, 2008 to incredible fan reception.

With the momentum of their first release, The Maine dropped Black and White in the summer of 2010. It was instantly clear that what the group had was something special – it was this release that the fans and industry started to see their growth and maturity expand as creative artists and musicians.

When it came time to release their third album in 2011, Pioneer, it was clear that the record needed to be released independently without the input of anyone but the band members themselves. After making the decision to part ways with their major label, The Maine decided to film the experience and released the documentary Anthem For A Dying Breed.

On June 4th of 2013, The Maine released their fourth full-length album, Forever Halloween. The album was recorded live through analog tape without the use of computer editing techniques which have become the standard in modern recordings. This gave the album an energy that cannot be captured any other way than 5 people performing in a room together. “The tape machine was like having an older, wiser, intimidatingly glowing woman in the room” says frontman John O’Callaghan on the experience. “We were all meeting her for the first time, but she already knew everything there was to know about the five of us. In no single way judgmental, but she sniffed out the bullshit and wouldn’t allow us to be anyone we are not. We are now better men for meeting that woman.”

Since the release of their latest full length, the band has self-recorded and released an all acoustic EP and continues their intensive touring schedule worldwide. The Maine is John O’Callaghan, Pat Kirch, Kennedy Brock, Garrett Nickelsen, and Jared Monaco.


06/13/2014 Houston, TX Vans Warped Tour
06/14/2014 San Antonio, TX Vans Warped Tour
06/15/2014 Dallas, TX Vans Warped Tour
06/17/2014 Albuquerque, NM Vans Warped Tour
06/18/2014 Mesa, AZ Vans Warped Tour
06/19/2014 Las Vegas, NV Vans Warped Tour
06/20/2014 Pomona, CA Vans Warped Tour
06/21/2014 Mountain View, CA Vans Warped Tour
06/22/2014 Ventura, CA Vans Warped Tour
06/25/2014 Chula Vista, CA Vans Warped Tour
06/26/2014 Wheatland, CA Vans Warped Tour
06/28/2014 Southeast Auburn, WA Vans Warped Tour
06/29/2014 Portland, OR Vans Warped Tour
07/02/2014 Maryland Heights, MO Vans Warped Tour
07/03/2014 Noblesville, IN Vans Warped Tour
07/04/2014 Toronto, ON Vans Warped Tour
07/05/2014 Montreal, QC Vans Warped Tour
07/06/2014 Holmdel, NJ Vans Warped Tour
07/08/2014 Darien Centre, NY Vans Warped Tour
07/09/2014 Scranton, PA Vans Warped Tour
07/10/2014 Mansfield, MA Vans Warped Tour
07/11/2014 Camden, NJ Vans Warped Tour
07/12/2014 Wantagh, NY Vans Warped Tour
07/13/2014 Hartford, CT Vans Warped Tour
07/15/2014 Burgettstown, PA Vans Warped Tour
07/16/2014 Cincinnati, OH Vans Warped Tour
07/17/2014 Cuyahoga Falls, OH Vans Warped Tour
07/18/2014 Auburn Hills, MI Vans Warped Tour
07/19/2014 Tinley Park, IL Vans Warped Tour
07/20/2014 Shakopee, MN Vans Warped Tour
07/22/2014 Columbia, MO Vans Warped Tour
07/23/2014 Virginia Beach, VA Vans Warped Tour
07/24/2014 Atlanta, GA Vans Warped Tour
07/25/2014 St Petersburg, FL Vans Warped Tour
07/26/2014 West Palm Beach, FL Vans Warped Tour
07/27/2014 Orlando, FL Vans Warped Tour
07/28/2014 Charlotte, NC Vans Warped Tour
07/29/2014 Nashville, TN Vans Warped Tour
07/30/2014 Milwaukee, WI Vans Warped Tour
07/31/2014 Bonner Springs, KS Vans Warped Tour
08/02/2014 Salt Lake City, UT Vans Warped Tour
08/03/2014 Denver, CO Vans Warped Tour

09/30/2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg Oude Zaal
10/01/2014 Brighton, United Kingdom Haunt
10/03/2014 Glasgow, United Kingdom The Garage
10/04/2014 Newcastle, United Kingdom 02 Academy 2
10/05/2014 Leeds, United Kingdom Cockpit
10/06/2014 Manchester, United Kingdom Academy 2
10/07/2014 Birmingham, United Kingdom 02 Academy 2
10/09/2014 London, United Kingdom Electric Ballroom
10/10/2014 Bristol, United Kingdom Bristol
10/11/2014 Nottingham, United Kingdom Rescue Rooms


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