TheWonderYears ACompForMomHuntington Beach independent label No Sleep Records has unveiled the first new song from their upcoming tribute album, A Comp For Mom. The label has teamed up with to stream an unreleased full-band version of The Wonder Years’ beloved track “Living Room Song,” as featured on the comp.

Stream The Wonder Years’ full-band version of “Living Room Song” at

A Comp For Mom pays homage to No Sleep president Chris Hansen’s mother, Linda Hansen, who recently passed away. The album is scheduled for release digitally and on limited edition vinyl on August 5th. In addition to The Wonder Years’ song, the collection will include new, unreleased and rare music from the labels extended family of bands including Allison Weiss, Daisyhead, Grey Gordon, The Swellers, Sainthood Reps and more.

The Wonder Years’ track “Living Room Song” was originally an acoustic B-Side bonus track featured on the Japanese version of their third studio album, Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing, which was released in 2011 via Hopeless Records. The unreleased, previously recorded version on A Comp For Mom features the entire band and is fully plugged in.

A Comp For Mom is currently available for vinyl pre-order at and bundled pre-order at as well as digital pre-order at Additional donations to the Linda Hansen Memorial Fund can be made at the No Sleep store.

Pre-order the album now and follow No Sleep Records at for additional updates.

A Comp For Mom Track List:
1. Allison Weiss - In My Life (originally by the Beatles)
2. Daisyhead - Work (originally by Jimmy Eat World)
3. Grey Gordon - Safe (originally by Dag Nasty)
4. Into It. Over It. - For Agnes
5. Jon Simmons - Veins
6. Koji - Matches (live version)
7. La Dispute - First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice
8. Major League - Montreal (acoustic version)
9. Moose Blood - Orlando (2014 version)
10. Now, Now - Neighbors
11. Run Forever - Warmer Weather
12. Sainthood Reps - Occurrent (acoustic version)
13. State Faults - Chin Up (originally by Copeland)
14. The Swellers - Possibilities (unreleased b-side)
15. The Wonder Years - Living Room Song (full band version)
Digital Bonus Song: Touche Amore - Available (originally by The National)

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