victoriasvictoriesSad news stories - and scams - roll through our media at a nearly unbelievable clip these days.  We were astonished to find one so heartbreaking as Victoria's Victories Congenital Short Femur/PFFD.  You may have recently seen reams of stories written about a 3 y.o. girl who was turned away from a KFC because her injuries were said to be frightening and off-putting to other customers.  Well that was a fraud.  It was a lie.  There was fundraising to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars on this story.  All the while, this little one, this Victoria, was battling through some pretty gruesome surgeries to correct her Congenital Short Femur/PFFD.  Read a statement from Victoria's mom:


From Victoria's mother:
I am SO upset. Have you heard about this story? They named their gofundme page and FB page Victoria's Victories. Now people are thinking MY Victoria's Victories with Congenital Short Femur/PFFD page is a hoax! What do I do? Change the name of the page I've had up for nearly a year. I have shirts and stickers that say Victoria's Victories on them! I hope this story is not a hoax. It sure has brought a lot of attention to Victoria's page, but not exactly the kind of attention I was hoping for. Now who wants to donate to our cause when these people allegedly are lying!? They raise over $135,000 and we can't even raise $3,000. Wow....people will do just about anything these days.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be blindsided by angry social media folks who claim your page is a hoax?  That your child is undeserving?  Fearless doesn't usually post news like this, but we hope that if you read this and are so moved, you will donate $10 to this little girl and her family.  Here is her fundraising page.  Help spread the awareness if you can.  Medical bills and travel/stay for the family are covered.  They've raised just under $500 of the $3K they need.  It's a modest amount for which to ask.  Please share this story.  We just might be able to reverse some terrible and undeserved press.

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