PygmalionMusicFestival2013Pygmalion Music Festival is a multi-day music festival named for the Slowdive album of the same name, which takes place in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, United States every September. Though some of the festival extends to the downtown Champaign club scene, the bulk of the festival is contained within the "Krannert Entertainment District," a reference to the recent explosion of eateries and businesses in an area traditionally perceived as being somewhat "off-campus".

I have never been the biggest fan of multi-venue festivals because of how scattered things are, and unfortunately Pygmalion wasno different. But that did not take away from the amazing lineup! To my surprise, the Pygmalion crowd was as diverse as the lineup. A majority of the audience were university students, but there was a surpringly overwhelming number of families with young children all basting in the beautiful sun while enjoying the music.

My favorite moments of the festival were Major Lazer, Dawes and Kishi Bashi's high energy sets and Little Green Cars' technical difficulty. Yes, a technological hiccup was one of my favorite moments of the three day festival. During Little Green Cars' set, the electricity went out and the band immediately stepped out from behind their microphones and continued their set at the edge of the stage. To finish off their set, they performed one of their songs in the middle of the audience and magic filled the air. There is something so incredible about having a band create music five feet away from you.

I cannot wait to see the artists they have in store for next year!

Below is a gallery of festival highlights (for the complete full band schedule,  visit


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