SATMCCheck out the new video for Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, "So Happy, It's Sad".

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children are excited to share the new video for the title track to their newest album.  "We wanted something a little different than what we've been offering by way of our mystic and witchy imagery," singer/guitarist Jason Elliot tells Under the Gun, "We wanted to use the idea of beauty juxtaposed with the idea of the song being primarily about another state of being, via mind altering substances."

Forged on late summer nights surrounding a dying bonfire at Camp 1538, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children began as Jason Elliott’s acoustic ramblings, and has since grown into a sprawling psychedelic juggernaut. Their latest album, So Happy, It’s Sad (out now on Fallen Arrows) bears the weight of life in all of its trials, tribulations and wonder, but at the same time imbues a feeling of completeness and unity. Evolving from crackling static into sonorous music and back again, SATMC weaves a melodic sensibility into the chaotic fabric of their haunting arrangements. Unapologetically daring and comfortingly familiar, Spirits’ ambient songs provide a soundtrack for lost summers, new loves, and clean-slate beginnings. Check out the video here"

SATMC’s current lineup of singer-guitarist Elliott, drummer Bryan Fielden, bassist Joe McNeill and guitarist Ryan Odom has been touring relentlessly since the release of So Happy, It’s Sad, sharing bills with Florence and the Machine, Civil Twilight, Dead Meadow, Lower Dens and The Growlers. They've garnered features in Paste and The A.V. Club, who called the band "the Southern Sigur Ros," and last month, they even bumped The National from the top spot of Daytrotter’s most-listened sessions.

"This new record is a celebration of the bittersweet experiences we all face in our lives," Elliott says, “It's a letter from us to you. We hope you can take the painful elements in your life and make them beautiful."

So Happy, It’s Sad was recorded and produced by Benjamin Price (OutKast, Little Tybee) at Studilaroche. He helped the band cultivate a sound that was modern and boldly refined, yet shrouded in a primordial mysticism. Royal Thunder's Mel Parsonz contributes her powerful vocals to the record while Matt Jarrard (Oryx and Crake, Book Club) and Ryan Gregory (Little Tybee, Lily and the Tigers), Taylor Mumford, Price and Johnny Rhum beautifully complement the sound with strings, brass, percussion and electronics.

SATMC’s first album, We Are Here to Save YOU!, was recorded with Ed Rawls (Black Lips, Carnivores, Deerhunter) and released in 2011. Since then, there's been some controlled burning, as former members of the band have exited, allowing for a renewed vision and sense of purpose. Moving from a tumultuous place to a strangely peaceful one, Spirits ventured forth releasing the single “LOOK!” in 2012, followed by So Happy, It's Sad, a major creative breakthrough for the band.

“The unknown, the future is wild and undetermined,” Elliott says, “but it's always exciting to watch it unfold. As time moves on, we find new ways to play things. It’s always been important to us to keep things interesting for ourselves, so that our music is constantly evolving."

Praise for Spirits and the Melchizedek Children:

"Hazy, haunting tunes. Richly layered meditations that float in the cold zone between forlornness and a vast cosmic awe." - AV Club

“So Happy, It’s Sad unfolds seamlessly over a sprawling group of songs that incorporate psychedelia, folk, rock, post-rock, drone and soundtrack-worthy instrumental passages.” - Alarm Magazine

"Haunted shoegaze art-rock" - Paste

"An entrancing, emotional, and enigmatic gateway beyond the outer boundaries of alternative rock." - Artist Direct

“Deep washes of neo-psychedelic reverbed-out guitars, spectral folk of a doomed American West, and the deep ebb and flow of droning guitars sacred enough to divine gold.” - Slug Magazine

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