thumb SHELThe new music video for the haunting “Hold On” by singer/songwriters SHEL & Gareth Dunlop is now out now on Vevo.

SHEL is a spellbinding band comprised of four classically trained sisters out of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Gareth Dunlop enters the musical landscape as one of the most talked about young artists from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Together they perform “Hold On,” a song that USA Today calls “twinkling” and “pining.”  

SHEL is an acronym for the four sisters' names; Sarah on violin, Hannah on keyboards, Eva on mandolin, and Liza on drums, djembe and beatboxing. The band is known for their hypnotic vocal arrangements, infectious rhythms and captivating shows.  Indieshuffle said SHEL “is all about folk revival…I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another HAIM on our hands.”

Gareth Dunlop is a soul singer from Belfast, Northern Ireland known for songs that have appeared in TV and Film including Bones, HOUSE, One Tree Hill, NASHVILLE and the previous Nicholas Sparks film, Save Haven.  John Oates of Hall & Oates said “Gareth drew me into his experience…He's the real deal.”

Grab the "Best of Me" soundtrack here.  

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