Air Date: 03-13-13

"Crossover success." "The soundtrack to social progression." The first rapper in history to come out of the closet as gay before an album release. Undeniably one of the decade's most dynamic artists -- Y-LOVE. Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) has made a name for himself as a hip-hop artist, multicultural educator, fashionista, technology guru, advertising whiz, activist for social change, and political pundit -- all in seven short years.

When Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) released his first mixtape in 2005, the world took note of the first African-American Orthodox hip-hop artist. Now, with his new single "Focus on the Flair", Y-LOVE is ready to reintroduce himself by proudly proclaiming his sexuality to the world and showing that spirituality and gay identity can coexist. His previous EP See Me debuted as a "New and Noteworthy Release" on the front page of iTunes Hip Hop. Y-Love is leading a new era of "universal hip-hop" -- where global social consciousness combines with pounding rhythms and empowering messages for all of humanity.

In a hip-hop world full of negative messages, Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is leading a new era of "universal hip-hop" --where pounding rhythms combine with social consciousness to "elevate, not tranquilize" the world. His first full length album since his smash debut, This is Babylon, "Focus on the Flair" will feature tracks like the club anthem "Famous", featuring LA-based singer Brody, world hip hop influenced "Rock Like Me" featuring Doodlebug of Digable Planets and the electro pop "Fashion Show" featuring Yula Beeri of Kiss Slash Crooked Smile.

The club-friendly, dance-influenced tracks on Focus on the Flair are influenced as much by rap vet Chuck D as by newer artists like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Odd Future. Producer Diwon (mastermind behind Bancs Records) skillfully blends clubbed-out hip-hop beats with the best world music has to offer, giving the entire "Focus on the Flair" album an entrancing "global" sound ready for the dance floor. Y-Love explores a variety of styles, from dance to house to pop, to express his underlying message of harmony: “Unity builds the world, all divisions destroy the world.”

This single features Israeli artist Onili, already starting to gain notoriety in the clubs throughout the Middle East for her soulful, Adele-flavored voice, and is the perfect track to re-introduce Y-Love as the first gay rapper to come out of the closet mid-career.

Before Shyne became religious and Drake started making hip hop, Y-Love took the world by storm blending Kabbalah and Talmud in Aramaic at clubs in New York. He went on to gain worldwide praise with his first album This is Babylon which propelled him to appearances from BBC World TV to Late Night with Conan O'Brien. One of New York's most prolific web programmers in the world of advertising, he worked on the 2012 campaigns for Dr Pepper, Honda, and Calvin Klein. His May 2012 coming out announcement in OUT Magazine -- followed by Perez Hilton and an interview with Russell Simmons' GlobalGrind -- stunned the world, and was frontpage news on CNN. The world’s first black "Jewish MC", Y-Love has already featured his compelling perspective in hundreds of publications, including USA Today, XXL Magazine, The Australian and Italy's La Repubblica.

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