eric + erica

Air Date: 07-05-13

eric + erica is a duo from Oakland, California. They make music that is equal parts Pop and dreamy ambience. Erica’s lilting voice soars on top of a dense layer of lush keyboard sounds and sparse, crackling sampler beats, interwoven with Eric’s deep throated harmonies and the shimmering chime of an autoharp (an instrument rarely heard outside of the context of old time music).

An array of disparate influences from R&B to Country are translated through a creative process that is thoroughly collaborative and moves at a breakneck pace. The entire effect is one both warmly familiar and evocative of its own singular world. It is born of a deep and instantaneous personal and artistic connection, and a relentless dedication to music making that thrives on the constant creation of something new and exciting.

e + e embrace the non-musical parts of the band with equal passion and artistic care. They hand paint all their fliers and CD sleeves, and scrawl their show information on their bodies in permanent marker to make promotional videos; they are just as likely to host a lavishly decorated Easter Brunch show at a neighborhood bar or play a back porch in the woods as a local café or traditional venue; they document and share their creative process in videos that highlight their playfulness and learning process blunders as much as the final artifact. Each gesture—be it a sound choice, or how a stage is decorated—is aimed at creating a unique, loving and inviting experience.

The final important piece in shaping e+ e is the rich history and network of artistic communities that helped form and continue to support the band. Erica Fink brings a lifelong passion for and formal background in visual and performance art, and years of music making experience as part of a large community of musicians and artists who originated in Ann Arbor, Michigan and have since spread out west to become a powerful creative force. Eric Kuhn has been making music for 16 years, starting in the fertile Durham-Chapel Hill indie rock scene in North Carolina, and eventually ending up in Oakland as an accompanist (Sean Hayes, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Dina Maccabee, Michael Musika), film composer, producer and solo artist. The talented group of people they are fortunate to call their artistic family are endlessly inspiring and supportive, and enable and encourage them to make art on an ambitious and inventive scale.

In just a few short months of being a band they have independently recorded (mostly on their own, in their basement, in between the pattering footsteps of neighbor children and the roar of buses) and released a four song EP, You Try, performed numerous shows in the Bay Area and throughout California, made a series of informal videos, and written an album’s worth of material, as well as arranged an eclectic collection of cover songs. The rest of the year holds extensive national touring, a continued focus on one of a kind, lovingly crafted local shows; and the recording of a full length record.

                                                   (Above: eric + erica live at Amnesia)

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