The Inverted

Air Date: 07-15-13

Passion has the ability to strike at any moment - without precautionary warning or attention to detail. Chasing the all-consuming feeling is all that one knows and can do to quell the need for more. Despite their ripe ages, a passion for music struck a chord within the members of The Inverted and it only continues to flourish.

The itch to create has been in all three boys since they can remember, but its presence really took a hold in 2008. Garrett Fogg (vocals, guitar, keys) and Austin Newson (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals) came together under the moniker Chaotic Curfew, and began to write everything that came to them. The two enlisted help from a mutual friend and Fogg’s father to round out their line-up. When 2011 rolled around, local music store owner Terry Brent, connected Timmy Loveland (drums, percussion) to the band. Loveland hit it off with the other members, and by 2012 he replaced Fogg’s father on drums. During one of the band’s first official meetings, the boys decided to revamp themselves with a new name that would suit the trio and their sound. The Inverted was an idea that struck a chord within everybody; a selection that leaves room for interpretation, but ultimately looks at how the band draws inspiration from all around and then peers within to produce their music.

The musings that The Inverted are delivering to listeners seem to be more of a juxtaposition than their name. The band is comprised of three boys still is highschool, yet is cranking out dark songs that channel pain and angst of people far beyond their years. The first taste of The Inverted’s panged alternative rock can be heard on their EP, Devil’s Daughter. Comprised of four songs, the EP was recorded and produced by local music aficionados, Terry Brent and Billy Graham, and is set to release July 4th, 2013. With the process taking place between two guitar stores, the band had an expansive selection of gear to experiment with in order to develop their sound. A bit of recording also occurred in a local abandoned house, which aided in creating an eerie sense that can be felt in each song.

The Inverted’s first single off of Devil’s Daughter is the title track, and discusses singer Garret Fogg’s dealings with a manipulative love, “They [people] can tell you one thing but mean something different. When you listen to this song, ask yourself, ‘Is it worth it to waste your time and energy to pursue something that will fail 99% of the time?’ Hell yes. Love is a battlefield.” The single was recently premiered exclusively on Substream Music Press; delivering “Devil’s Daughter” to the ears of the masses. With press and a local Floridian fan base already on their side, The Inverted is ready to bring their seasoned rock sound and youthful presence to as many people as possible.

(Above, The Inverted live at Stix Billiards Club)

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