Come Down Denver

Air Date: 08-02-13

Born and bred just outside of Atlanta, in a small town called Villa Rica, GA. Come Down Denver is eager to make their presence known with the release of their new EP Don't Sweat It, produced and engineered by Shawn Grove (Sevendust, Collective Soul) and released on July 30 via Are You Down Records.

"This Come Down Denver record is very strong. Great songwriting with killer harmony guitar work. These guys have a lot of intensity and put their emotions into their music. I'm very excited for the release.” Says producer Shawn Grove

Eager to bring their fun-filled sound to the masses Come Down Denver is - vocalist Christian Camp, guitarist Billy Metcalfe, guitarist Travis Blake, bassist Casey Buice and drummer Allen Beck.

The fivesome has a knack for penning hard-edged yet highly melodic pop tunes, blending catchy melodic riffs and aggressive hardcore breakdowns with insightful and introspective lyrics. "I try to write our lyrics in a way that allows people to relate the songs to the situations in their own lives, and in turn relate to us" explains singer Camp, ”we put our hearts and souls into every note and every word” adds guitarist Metcalfe.

That sense of empathy is reflected in the unity between Come Down Denver's members. "There's a deep bond between the five of us Camp notes. "When we all met and collaborated, everything fell into place. We all gave up a lot to be able to do this, but we all felt the need to make our music our life."

Fun, fast and relentless Come Down Denver binds together a diverse mix of rock with a dash of pop and a touch of punk creating a fresh sound that is evident upon first listen to Don’t Sweat It.

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