Frances Luke Accord

Air Date: 09-25-13

Frances Luke Accord is a folk-pop duo based out of Chicago, Illinois. Consisting of friends Brian Powers and Nicholas Gunty, the duo's compositions arch on two-fold harmonies, rhythmic phrasing, and pensive, poetic lyrics.

Grown out of the Midwest-folk tradition but influenced by a number of genres and styles, Frances Luke Accord’s sound is unique in its own right. Their live shows consist of juggling intricate vocal harmonies with complex instrumentation and songwriting; a combination that often finds each member playing multiple instruments not only throughout their set, but in many instances during the same song.

The duo demonstrates its creative, multifaceted approach to music in their debut album, Kandote, recorded with the Barefoot Truth Children’s Choir in Kkindu Village, Uganda. Organized in collaboration with Kevin Dugan (founder and CEO, Fields of Growth International), the duo traveled to East Africa during their senior year at the University of Notre Dame, spending 18 days writing and recording with 28 Ugandan children and 4 choir directors in the Masaka Region of Uganda. The project, named after the title track on the album (which means ‘and I dream’ in Luganda), served not only to bridge a cultural divide and add a more worldly sound to the duo’s folk influence, but also as a means to support the choir’s education. To learn more about the project, visit http://franceslukeaccord.com/kandote/

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