Kate Diaz

Air Date: 10-04-13

K8DS is Chicago pop acoustic songwriter/musician Kate Diaz, b. 1997

I'm 16 and I am a songwriter/musician. I perform my songs at shows all around Chicago including at Lollapalooza, Milwaukee Summerfest, Taste Of Chicago, the Chicago House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe and other venues, even on tv a couple times and once on The National Mall in Washington DC.

For the past 3 summers, I've been lucky enough to receive full merit scholarships to Berklee 5-Week. I've written songs for causes and run my own charity fundraisers for the past 5 years, and I have been featured and interviewed in various media. I'm honored to have won some awards including from ASCAP, National YoungArts, Berklee and some prestigious songwriting awards in the past few years. I have two singles, and I'm currently working on my fourth live acoustic album.

I've been a d.i.y. artist so far, and I mainly get my gigs off of SonicBids! I also do all my own art, websites, and business stuff like copyrighting, booking etc. and I manage myself. My shows are usually a one hour solo acoustic set, all original songs, me on voice and guitar.

I play guitar and sometimes drums in my school jazz combo, and I play percussion and this year cello in my high school orchestra. I also have arranged two of my songs for my school orchestra, and hope to explore arranging more in the future. I took guitar/jazz on and off through middle school and I am self-taught in piano, voice, bass, drums, and cello. I was recruited for one of the big singing tv shows and was selected in the audition process, but decided to focus on my junior year of high school instead. I started my K8DS youtube channel in 5th grade, and was asked to be a guest performer of a well-known nationally touring band at their Chicago House of Blues concert, and also of an international hip hop star at his concert at Metro in Chicago after they saw my youtube videos. I expect to have my fourth live acoustic album out in the next few months, but I have posted youtube videos for some of the songs.

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