Love Crushed Velvet

Air Date: 10-29-13

New York is about excess. Opulence. Skyscrapers. Celebrities on the sidewalk. The wattage of Times Square at night. Grit underground. Subways trains stopping--if you’re fast enough to catch them.

Fashion, parties, ten-hour workdays, do it all again tomorrow.

Love Crushed Velvet is from New York.

From the anthemic choruses of “Letter” and “Goodbye Goldblatt” to the glam-rock bounce of “Burning Embers”, the sound of Love Crushed Velvet is the mirror’s reflection of the adult amusement park that is New York City--the band’s backyard. While parodying our fame-obsessed culture (“Famous”), the band doesn’t shy away from indulging in its excesses: The title track, with its lust-driven lyrics, drips with decadence. Similarly, lead singer A.L.X. pokes fun at bad-boy personas in the mockabilly “Problem Child”—but also makes no apologies for enjoying his own such tendencies (“Puttin’ on a Weapon”).

Mixer Dave Bascombe has adorned LCV’s debut album with dense layers of sound, resulting in a rich, bold texture of endless sonic depth. With a crisp backbeat, virtuoso guitar work and hooks as addictive as rock candy, Love Crushed Velvet throws a muscular punch into the idea that rock is always supposed to be serious.

We think it’s just seriously fun.

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